Chapter 12: Stratification, Minorities, and Discrimination

A minority is a social group that does not make up a politically dominant voting majority of the total population of a given society. I chose this chapter because I love learning about the different types of minorities. Growing up in Memphis, Tennessee made my family surrounded by multiple minorities. We had gender and sexuality minorities, age ,religious and disabled minorities, but the most common was the racial and ethnic minorities.

Discrimination is everywhere around us, especially in the military. We have the Dont Ask Dont Tell where the homosexuals in the military can only get in trouble if they are asked if they are gay and they lie about their preference. The military also is trying to change the discrimination among women wanting to go up to the enemy lines. In my opinion I have heard and seen many women underpressure and I believe that we can make the same decision and be put in the same situations as a man and be able to react the same.

Newspaper Article:

This artical from the Charlotte Observer Gives a lot of history and information on the Dont Ask Dont Tell discrimination.

This website from the New York times gives pages and pages about minorites. You can find all kinds of topics about minorities too.

Video clips:\

This video clip from BBC News is a 52 second video on how miniorites are not at a disadvantage anymore.

This video clip from ABC is from the US leaders debate on military gay ban.

Internet Links:

Link is about religious discrimination in the Military.

Link is about Discrimination against any minority.

Barack Obama Quotes on Gays in the Military: “I believe that we need to repeal the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy. The key test for military service should be patriotism, a sense of duty, and a willingness to serve.”

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Chapter 11- Social and Economic Stratification

I chose this chapter because I have never really thought of stratification before this class. Stratification is the grouping of people according to their differences in income, occupation, power, priviledge, and their manner of living. Social stratification has to deal with which class we are in, such as, Upper, Middle, or Lower class. I was very shocked to find out that I was under middle class. The U.S.  economic class system is not strongly developed, due to the history, economics, the government, and the U.S. sees the class system as a negative system.

The Maya Social Stratification

As we can see in the picture above, even the Maya culture has a class system. the farmers were at the bottom of  system and the more priviliedged political people are at the top of the class system . Class systems can be found all around the world. Whenever I found out that I was in the Lower of the middle class I was very shocked, but the money and making for my family is enough to keep us happy, so I can’t be disappointed that Im in that class system. 

This article from the New York Times gives you the components of class, how each class breaks down , and the results of a poll they took on the class systems.
This video shows the class system all over the world from the worse to the best. After seeing this some people should be very fortunate to have what they have. I can not imagine living in some of these conditions.
This is a 4 minute childrens video on the social class system. Its very amusing but a true video.
This link is a great guide for starters that looking to learn about the class system.
This gives some interresting facts aboout economic and social stratification around the world.
Jack Johnson “The Middle Man”
Well he’s not necessarily trying to say that he minds it
But someone plays evil tricks on that kid
Well he’s not necessarily trying to say god can’t be trusted
But someone plays evil tricks on that kid
And certain situations scream for deviations
But somehow he always gets stuck in the middle
Of this and that and man he should try less
Because every time he’s rejected man he loses affection

But don’t we all, don’t we just got to give a little time
Maybe give a friend a call instead of making him confused
What a terrible thing for you to do
What an awful thing for you to say
What a terrible thing for you to relay

Well I know some people’s they got a little less than nothing
But still find some to spare
And other people got more than they could use
But they don’t share
And some people got problems man
They got awful complications
Other people got perfect situations
With no provocation

But don’t we all, don’t we just got to give a little time
Maybe give a friend a call instead of making him confused
What a terrible thing for you to do
What an awful thing for you to say
What a terrible thing for you
What a terrible thing for you to do
What an awful thing for you to say
What a terrible thing for you to relay

Somehow we always get stuck in the middle (repeated)
Confused, what an awful thing for you to do

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Chapter 8: The Family

I chose this chapter because your family should be the most important part of your life. Its so hard to believe that many adults have not seen there brothers or sisters in years and live in the same state as they do. I recently just got married and Iam the only child in my family, my spouse on the other hand has five brothers and sisters. Iam very thankful to have his family and my family be so close together and for them to be apart of me and my husbands life.

There are all types of families around the world. There are two-parent families, single parent families, and extended families. Some marriages are arranged and in some either the husband or wife could have multiple spouses. There are many things that effect the family today, including technology.


Video clips:This first video clip is the best way to describe the American family today.

With new technology, every family is able to keep in touch  with anyone. this CBS news brief, shows how a family can stay in touch through technology.

Internet Links: This first link shows how technology helped a solider in Iraq see his new baby boy being born.

On the negative side of technology this article shows why technology could be bad for a family.


One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.~ Elbert Hubbard~

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Chapter 7: Psychology, Society, and Culture

I chose this chapter because everyone of us are alike in some way, our society and culture  are what set us apart from one another. Every invdividuals personalities are shaped and molded around culture. Most people accept social situations in which they find themselves in and little attempt to change it. Psychological  problems are accepted among most members of society. It is a constant adjustment from the time we were born til we die.This chapter is full of cultures and societies of the past and present. The first thing that come to my mind today when I hear about society is how almost everyone is at war with their own body. Every of us has is different size and shape, but we should accept each other for who we are. We have no idea what is going on in a certain individuals head every day. Maybe they think their husband or wife doesn’t love them anymore because of the way they look, maybe they are starving themselves, a teenage girl wants to grow up to be come a model so she is anorexic now because of what she has seen on TV. Everyone is battling with todays culture and society more than ever, to be the best, when every person should know that they already the BEST!

Video clip: This ABC video clips tells about how women battle with weight. I like how we hardly ever hear about men battling their weight.

Internet Links: This first link gives a great overview of psychology of culture and it helped me understand this chapter a little bit more.

This next link has very good information all the way from the Early Western Individuality back in 1400 to when psychology was developed.


It’s ironic that in our culture everyone’s biggest complaint is about not having enough time; yet nothing terrifies us more than the thought of eternity.
~Dennis Miller~

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