Chapter 8: The Family

I chose this chapter because your family should be the most important part of your life. Its so hard to believe that many adults have not seen there brothers or sisters in years and live in the same state as they do. I recently just got married and Iam the only child in my family, my spouse on the other hand has five brothers and sisters. Iam very thankful to have his family and my family be so close together and for them to be apart of me and my husbands life.

There are all types of families around the world. There are two-parent families, single parent families, and extended families. Some marriages are arranged and in some either the husband or wife could have multiple spouses. There are many things that effect the family today, including technology.


Video clips:This first video clip is the best way to describe the American family today.

With new technology, every family is able to keep in touch  with anyone. this CBS news brief, shows how a family can stay in touch through technology.

Internet Links: This first link shows how technology helped a solider in Iraq see his new baby boy being born.

On the negative side of technology this article shows why technology could be bad for a family.


One machine can do the work of fifty ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man.~ Elbert Hubbard~


About heatherbehs

In the United States Navy. Iam married to Brice. He is in the United States Marine Corps. We are both very commited to our country, and would love to serve til retirement, If we could.
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